Nanophotonics Project Wins Best Poster Award at Fall 2007 MRS Meeting


The project explores nanofabricated negative index optical elements from InP/InGaAsP and SOI heterostructures. Ravinder K Banyal 1, B.D.F. Casse 1 , Wentao Lu 1, Y. Huang 1, S. Selvarasah 2, M. Dokmeci 2 and S. Sridhar 1; 1 Department of Physics and Electronic Materials Research Institute, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts; 2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

You may view the poster by clicking here.

Poster Abstract:
Optical elements, such as photonics crystal prisms and lenses, were nanofabricated by patterning a square lattice of air holes in two types focusing properties of these devices were tested using a scanning probe optical microscope. These tailor-made negative index materials nanofabricated on monolithic or hybrid platform such as InP/InGaAsP and/or SOI can be used as a basis for designing optical elements for integrated photonic circuits.

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