Fabrication of Lefthanded Materials

Photonic Crystal

Photonic crystal is an array of either dielectric or metallic rods or holes in a dielectric medium or any material that has a periodic dielectric or magnetic contrast. The PC can be designed to possess left handed behavior in a chosen frequency of intrerest, for example optical to microwave frequencies.


The metamerial was fabricated by interleaving split ring resonators and metallic wire strips, following the design of David Smith and collaborators at UCSD. Printed circuit board was etched using lithography techniques to produce arrays of split ring resonators (SRR) on one side and wire strips (WS) on the other side of the board. An array of SRR and WS should result in an effective negative permeability and negative permittivity material. Therefore a lattice of material was assembled with unit cell consisting of two sets paired at right angles of three SRR and one WS each to produce a material that notionally has negaive index. The thickness of the WS is 30 microns and width is 1mm. Each SRR has two rings of thickness 30 microns with the larger ring having each side 2.6 mm.

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