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Sridhar receives DARPA award for electric field sensor technology
Prof. Srinivas Sridhar will lead a project to research and develop nanosensors thanks to a 1.5 million dollar subcontract awarded by DARPA.

Northeastern physicists develop 3D metamaterial nanolens that achieves super-resolution imaging
Discovery uses nanowire arrays to image nanoscale objects beyond the diffraction limit.

Nanophotonics Project Wins Best Poster Award at Fall 2007 MRS Meeting
The project explores nanofabricated negative index optical elements from InP/InGaAsP and SOI heterostructures.

Dr. Sri Sridhar Elected Fellow of The Americal Physical Society "For Outstanding Contribuations to Physics"
"For elegant experiments providing seminal insights on left-handed metamaterials, quantum chaos, vortex and quasiparticle electrodynamics in superconductors, and collective excitations in low-dimensional materials." - APS Physics, 19 November 2007

First Demonstration of Focusing by Plano-Concave Lens
We demonstrate focusing of a plane microwave by a planoconcave lens fabricated from a photonic crystal having a negative refractive index and left-handed electromagnetic properties.

First Demonstration of Imaging by Flat Lens
The positive refractive index of conventional optical lenses means that they need curved surfaces to form an image, whereas a negative index of refraction allows a flat slab of a material to behave as a lens and focus electromagnetic waves to produce a real image.

Sorting out quantum chaos in the microwave lab
Depending on the table's shape, the motion of a billiard ball can be either predictable or chaotic. The same physical laws determine the outcome in either case, but in the chaotic situation the result is sensitively dependent on initial conditions.