Quantum Chaos and Electromagnetic Chaos

Quantum Chaos is the study of the quantum mechanics of classically chaotic systems. The field is currently a very active area of research. Our main thrust is to explore, via electromagnetic experiments, the manifestations of classical chaos in wave mechanics.

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Our research program has led to several noteworthy observations listed below:

It is evident that the experiments are able to explore a remarkable range of issues in Quantum Chaos, including tests of fundamental theories and different classical limits. The microwave experiments have yielded entirely new insights and perspectives concerning the quantum-classical correspondence. The reasons for this success are the ability to study well-defined geometries where the classical dynamics is clearly known, and the precision and flexibility of the experiments. The experiments have led to tests of key theoretical ideas while at the same time raising entirely new questions and motivating theorists in new directions.

Our work in this area is currently funded by National Science Foundation (Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics).

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