Research Topics


The focus of research in our laboratory is to explore biomedical applications of nanotechnology. Nanoparticles and nanomaterials offer potential benefit in wide range of applications such as in sensing, diagnostics, delivery and image enhancement.


We have developed a ground-breaking technique for Quantitative MRI using magnetic nanoparticles.


We have developed a new electric field based modality of brain monitoring termed Electric Field Encephalography.

IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology

IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology is a new integrated doctoral education program in the emerging field of Nanomedicine, created with support from the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation. The program aims to educate the next generation of scientists and technologists with the requisite skill sets to address scientific and engineering challenges in the rapidly emerging area of applying nanotechnology to human health.

Nanooptics and Nanophotonics

Our lab is dedicated to utilizing nanostructures for fundamental studies in optics and for optoelectronics applications.

Quantum Chaos and Electromagnetic Chaos

Quantum Chaos is the study of the quantum mechanics of classically chaotic systems. The field is currently a very active area of research. Our main thrust is to explore, via electromagnetic experiments, the manifestations of classical chaos in wave mechanics.


We study the microwave response of superconductors, both for understanding the nature of superconductivity, the dynamics of vortices and for practical applications in microwave devices.