Superlens Imaging Theory for Anisotropic Nanostructured Metamaterials with Broadband All-angle Negative Refraction

W.T. Lu and S. Sridhar
Phys. Rev. B, V.77, P.233101 (2008)

We show that a metamaterial consisting of aligned metallic nanowires in a dielectric matrix has strongly anisotropic optical properties. For long wavelngths, the longitudinal SPR, the material exhibits positive transverse permittivity and negative longitudinal permittivity, relative to the nanowires axis, enabling the achievement of broadband all-angle negative refraction and superlens imaging. An imaging theory of superlens made of these media is established. High performance systems made with Au, Ag, or Al nanowires in nanoporous templates are designed and predicted to work from the infrared up to ultraviolet frequencies.

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